Social Responsibility

AIA Group is proud to be a business committed to enhancing our community and the world through development of practises and processes that support and deliver positive change to our people, clients and the community. We are an equal opportunity employer with strict adherence to ethical business practise. We embrace diversity and inclusion for all genders, races, physical and mental abilities and religions. We actively support and encourage reconciliation, respect and equality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community.

Diversity is vital to our success as a leading services company. By actively promoting an inclusive workplace, we strengthen our connection with our employees, clients, suppliers—and the markets we serve. At AIA, diversity and inclusion are more than core values—they’re a competitive advantage. As the daughter of immigrant parents from Greece, Katherine Kavakos is eager to invest in providing the same opportunities she has experienced in our lucky country of Australia to a culturally diverse workforce.
AIA supports the ideal that all people should be valued and respected and have the right to choose their own destiny. We welcome the recently legislated Modern Slavery Act in Australia and want to be voice in our industry for improving human rights and leading the education and reduction of modern slavery in our supply chain.
Driving sustainability is a fundamental principal of our environmental leadership. Protecting the health of our planet is a responsibility we embrace. Consistent with our corporate responsibility, AIA is committed to becoming the industry leader in the area of environmental sustainability. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact through the products we use and recognise our responsibility to be a steward of the environment and improve the quality of life for our employees and for everyone who works at or visits the facilities we serve.
In servicing not only metropolitan but many regional and remote locations, AIA understands the importance of supporting local partners who are the heart of community and who have long standing relationships with our valued clients. By embracing a localisation centred partner strategy, we know that we are transcending the value of the services we provide, unlocking social impact in our supply chain.
Our workplace safety and wellbeing vision is to ensure our staff, and that of our client, experience a caring workplace culture and return home safe and well at the end of every workday. Our mission is to drive a culture where the core values of safety and well-being are integrated into every business decision and we continue to support, foster and promote safety and wellbeing throughout our supply chain and the clients we serve.
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AIA Group is committed to supporting Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander members of our community through employment opportunities and commercial support. We work closely with Essential Services Australia Group, a Supply Nation Certified Facilities Management business that focuses on Indigenous Engagement and actively promotes and mentors females in the workforce.

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Human Impact

AIA changes lives in real ways. We celebrate and cherish the human stories and strongly believe we can be successful in business as well as looking after people with empathy and care. We know that the happier our people are, the more energized and productive they become.

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

AIA Group Pty Ltd are proud to present our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan for December 2021-2022. Reconciliation Australia was established in 2001 and is the national body for reconciliation in the nation. The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program provides a framework for organisations to support the national reconciliation movement. We are committed to this journey and invite you to view our Reflect RAP here.

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The Indigenous Woman’s Shelter

For the past two years, AIA has been cleaning an Indigenous Woman’s shelter in Woorabinda, a remote rural area in Central Queensland. Its population is under 1000 people and it is an Aboriginal community.

AIA is proud to be the only cleaning company that has successfully remained as cleaners in the shelter. We are honored to have been able to influence lives and support the community by offering employment to locals – particularly woman. We have offered flexible working hours to staff as well as supported part time staff into full time roles. We have fostered a culture of inclusion by ensuring our executive team, our client and our workforce collaborate on many issues. There is now greater visibility for supervisors to enable a more efficient and cohesive working relationship.

Supporting our migrant workforce

A large majority of our workforce have come to Australia with no parents or support network. AIA Group treats these people with dignity and respect. We find places for them to stay and we also help them to get involved in the local community which helps them to feel less isolated and alone. Some of our migrant workforce have lost parents in other countries and have come here hoping to rebuild their lives. We support them to be the best cleaners they can be through regular training and a cohesive team culture. We also help them transition out of cleaning, into professional roles such as Accountants and Architects. We provide flexible work hours so they can study as well as references so they can obtain new employment.

Elan’s Story

Elan joined our team from Malaysia. He needed to support his family back home and had given himself 5 years to earn the money he needed. Once we started working with Elan we saw that not only was he a great cleaner, he was also very ‘handy’. Knowing his story, and his eagerness to work hard and earn as much as possible, we also offered him maintenance roles. Because of AIA Group, Elan was able to earn enough money for his family in 2 years instead of 5. We still keep in touch with Elan today. He will always have a place with us.